Virtual Assistants

Hiring virtual assistants can be a game-changer for businesses looking to optimize their operations and increase productivity. At Winnors, we offer reliable and skilled virtual assistant staffing solutions to help you achieve your goals. With a focus on cost-effectiveness without sacrificing quality, our virtual assistants have the flexibility and expertise needed to handle all your administrative needs. Our vast database of virtual assistants ensures that you have immediate access to experienced and qualified personnel with a wide range of administrative skills. Choose Winnors for virtual assistant solutions that allow you to streamline your business operations and focus on growth.

Hire VA's with Winnors

Winnors offers efficient, skilled, and competent remote virtual assistants familiar with serving clients online. Our flexible outsourcing allows you to choose remote staff for projects, interim or permanent roles. Our detail-oriented assistants act as trusted partners, developing effective strategies that drive results. With their intuitive approach, they help build strategic plans to achieve targets quickly.

Remote VA Outsourcing

At Winnors, we align with your business values. Our outsourcing personnel receive a detailed briefing before starting a project. Our VAs are tech-savvy, and we offer ongoing training to keep them updated. Winnors provides access to talented and professional remote VAs from our pre-vetted pool. Our vetted candidates have experience across various industries.


Dr. Suhel
Dr. SuhelCEO - Applocum
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It has been a year of working with Winnors. It is fantastic service overall, offers quality skilled solutions for all business area and sectors. Quite flexible to work around the business requirements and it’s cost viable.
Khizzer Hayyat
Khizzer HayyatCEO
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We initially used Winnors for our out-of-hours customer services. We received such excellent service we ended up outsourcing all our customer service to them. I can’t recommend these guys enough; excellent support and their ability to upscale at speed are simply impossible in the UK. For anyone looking to outsource customer services, Winnors are highly recommended.
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Really great company to work with, especially Ali and Zubayr. Would definitely use them again.

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