Property Support Staff

Whether it is about purchasing a house, selling, refurbishing, or building one, you need a skilled property staff to tackle real estate challenges, create an overall great experience, and keep everything straight. It is a really high-stakes game! Skilled in providing back office support, Winnors’ property support staff works directly with your clients and manages their expectations to make your company their trusted advisors. They can keep a natural balance between selling and providing service. They stay in touch from check-in to checkout.

With Winnors

You can use your remote agents who are the expert in all the diverse disciplines included in real estate, to develop new marketing programs, build customer profiles with contact details, handle emails, set your pricing, manage records of previous conversations, go over renovation plans, and so much more to lift off the burden from your shoulders. Our experienced remote staff can assist in efficient task planning and execution to increase sales. They can help you look after your bookings, ratings, and earnings!

Recruit with Winnors

Our remote staffing model allows us to recruit dedicated professionals remotely who have prior experience. Winnors Remote Professionals offers technical training and upskilling opportunities to our staff so they can tone their skills and maintain the quality of their services. We also provide them with the technological resources they need to stay connected and work effectively.


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