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5 Reasons to Shift Towards Remote Staffing

We have all heard about how outsourcing can help SMEs reduce payroll costs and support new entrepreneurs build and launch their ventures faster by hiring cheap, remote team members. While this may be what spikes the most interest in outsourcing it is only the tip of the iceberg regarding the benefits and advantages. Let’s take a look at 5 reasons to outsource remote staff that are just as important if not more so.

1. Limiting Liability

You already know that you can find less expensive staff through outsourcing and can eliminate the need for additional office space and expensive equipment. Though remote team members also mean reduced liability. Even if you are running a basic office, an employee who slips and falls or burns themselves with hot coffee can quickly escalate into an incredibly expensive situation between workman’s comp and the threat of being sued and having to pay wages for the time the individual isn’t working. Even if you fire someone today you are going to be subject to paying unemployment benefits or again face lawsuits. All of this can be avoided with outsourcing.

2. Flexibility

Utilizing the best outsourcing platforms out there today you can quickly find affordable solutions for any tasks needed in your business. It also means only paying for what you need instead of having the burden of an army of full-time employees who you need to keep busy. This affords you the luxury of switching directions quickly to meet new trends and regulations and creates much larger profit margins.

3. Scalability

Once you have optimized your business model and have created solid and replicable systems outsourcing allows you to cost-effectively and quickly scale your operation to meet growing demand and leads. It enables you to overcome many logistical and financial hurdles that have traditionally kept your competitors and predecessor back and permit you to seize on hot markets and opportunities.

4. Better Customer Service

Contrary to what many may think, customer service is becoming much more critical, even as the world of business grows more virtual. Combining outsourcing with the latest call routing and Internet phone services you can easily run live inbound and outbound call centers and support staff around the clock so that everyone gets a live answer and gets through to someone who can help them.

5. Access To Better Talent

Outsourcing your staffing needs also puts the best talent from around the world easily within reach of your budget. In some cases, you may simply not have a great talent pool locally to fit your needs. Even if you do you will find that remote staffing means getting a much higher caliber of person for the same or less money. It is the organization with the best minds and skills that is going to win in your industry.

There were some reasons as to why you should invest in remote staff to keep up with the current market trends which indicate that this shift is the new norm. Get in touch with the best remote staffing company near you ASAP!

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