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Why Outsource Lead Generation? Top 6 Benefits of Outsourcing Lead Generation

Generating leads is one of the most arduous and time-consuming tasks in any marketing strategy. It can get challenging if you lack the proper support and knowledge because B2B lead generation outsourcing doesn’t rely on a “one-size-fits-all” approach. But it is equally crucial as 62% of B2B experts agreed that raising their lead volume is of the highest significance. 

If you are failing to get any leads despite the efforts of your in-house marketing team, it is time to outsource lead generation services to expand your business. Outbound services will introduce your sales team to new, advanced methods to attract more and more leads. But before you partner with any professional outsourced B2B lead generation company, you must consider specific outcomes and possibilities, such as:

  • What is the margin of the in-house sales and marketing team’s skills?
  • Is there anyone who can be trained in time?
  • Do you have enough resources to pay for external services?
  • Should you trust someone else to handle your sales?
  • What must be included in your strong set of rules to keep the management under your control?

Where outsourcing lead generation offers unlimited benefits, it brings numerous disadvantages along the way. Luckily, its pros weigh out the cons!

When to Outsource Lead Generation and When Not to?

Outsourcing lead generation is a practice where 3rd party who is an expert in generating sales will be hired and allowed to take over the company’s marketing team to increase leads. They exercise professional lead generation activities for business promotion. Outbound services will be a beneficial decision for the company in expanding marketing horizons if:

1.  The company has insufficient assets to maintain a fully-established and competently running internal lead generation department.

2.  You are unable to find and hire talented staff with hands-on marketing and sales experience.

3.  The company is launching a new product or introducing a new service that needs aid in promotional campaigns.

4.  The business needs outside support for outbound marketing strategies, such as cold calling, email prospecting, and appointments.

5.  You are sure that with a third party involved, you will create more leads without wasting money and extra effort.

6.  No one in your current team can generate and manage new leads in a limited time.

7.  You are thinking of combining inbound and outsourced lead generation services to make the most of the various marketing channels.

8.  Teams are running short on time when it comes to creating valuable and appropriate content regularly or analyzing lists of worthwhile qualified leads.

Best 6 Reasons for Outsourcing Lead Generation

Looking closely, you will find a glut of benefits of outbound lead generation – from saving your time finding leads to helping acknowledge the most qualified leads. To clear your doubts about “why should you prefer sales and lead generation outsourcing over inbound services,” we are enlisting some of its highlighted benefits.

1.  Highly Trained Staff

The most significant advantage of choosing a professional lead generation provider company is getting the assistance of extremely skilled, experienced, diligent, and well-trained staff who helps you generate leads without disruptions. They use their years of industrial exposure to guide you throughout the sales process and use best lead generation practices to guarantee success.

Rest assured, you won’t be wasting money on immature staff. Also, it saves your efforts in training new in-house resources.

2.  Full Control of Campaigns

If you are worried about losing authority, you must relax! Apart from being a dependable and economical choice, outbound lead generation promises improved ROI without asking you to lose control over your marketing department. Your designated executive will have as much governance as you prefer to supervise B2B campaigns. It will feel as if they are functioning directly from your office.

The outbound lead generation service company provides detailed reports of each campaign with possible outcomes and real-time results. You are free to suggest or bring modifications to best fit your needs.

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3.  Lower Cost Per Acquisition

Why outsource lead generation? Because the decision of partnering with lead generating agency will give you a guaranteed way of saving money, as being the specialist, they have more advanced procedures, optimized marketing channels, and devoted staff to create leads and boost the economic value of your company. On the contrary, hiring and educating staff to establish a lead generation will not only cost time but also drain your resources.

4.  Access to a Wealth of Databases

How many resources does the company have that you can access or reach out to for sales? How massive can your databases be? No matter how much, it will still be less compared to the wealth of databases specialized outsourced lead generation companies can hold to help you expand your relevant target audience on a broader scale and stretch out to extra leads. With an outsourced lead generation company, you will get the chance to interact with the right people at the right time to generate innumerable potential leads your company desires. 

Where your in-house team demands time and additional resources for sorting a contact list, an outsourced team of B2B lead generation companies can not only get correct contacts but also highlight the good leads with their appropriate analytical skillset.

Moreover, business lead generators tend to update their database regularly, adding more accurate and responsive contacts, offering your business an expanded net to catch more leads.

5.  Time to Focus on In-House Tasks

Outsourcing lead generation will give your in-house team enough time to cater to other important marketing and sales tasks that needs your immediate attention. On the one hand, the outsourced team will find qualified leads through appointment setting and cold outreach. On the other hand, the internal team will focus on what they do best “selling.” It significantly enhances productivity and success rate while optimizing the sales pipeline. A win-win situation! 

6.  Reach New Markets

Considering the wealth of databases, you can expect your outbound B2B lead generation agency to offer you the benefit of promoting your content to new demographics and geographic locations instead of dealing with only specific, constrained targeted buyers. The outbound specialists team provides you with new marketing channels to flood your pipeline with unlimited sales.

Have an Effective Lead Generation System with Winnors 

Winnors can be your reliable partner in generating a steady stream of sales to make your business a successful endeavor. We provide outsourced lead generation services to businesses of all types and sizes to lure potential clients, increase the company’s credibility, and market the brand’s vision.

At Winnors BPO, we not only help you get qualified leads with a deeper understanding of your business but also maintain your sales pipeline, positively impacting a business and saving you from time-consuming and energy-draining lead generation campaigns.

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