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Why Online Trustpilot Reviews Are Essential For Your Business? | 12 Reasons To Choose Trustpilot

The importance of online reviews is undeniable. In fact, every user or buyer tends to look for good, bad, and ugly customer reviews. These comments facilitate their purchase decision as a study shows how 91% of the buyers agreed that there are more chances to buy a product and trust the brand’s services if they read positive reviews.

Trustpilot, a 3rd party customer review site founded in 2007, is one of the best, most famous, and trustworthy platforms that has been easing the buying process by letting you read full reviews from separate customers along with providing legible and understandable numbers for customer satisfaction.

Is Trustpilot a good review site? Yes! It allows you to read or leave a review for free (you can also opt for paid options for additional features), fulfilling the purpose of giving customers a voice. All you need to do is enter the brand/product/service into the search bar you are looking for or use ‘category browsing buttons’.

How Can Trustpilot Help Your Business?

Since 2013, Trustpilot has gained immense popularity due to its advantages. Consider it an effective solution for the companies to listen as well as respond to the reviews to develop emotional connections and trust with their clients. From the consumer perspective, genuine reviews are exceptionally helpful in making a clear-cut decision.

Zachary Pardes, advertising & communications director for Trustpilot Review in North America, believes, “Review Insights gives businesses the ability to be smarter and more agile; to gather deep insights about their business, products, services, and processes that otherwise they might never uncover.

We agree with what he says because online customer reviews are the golden opportunity for the company to showcase its reputation, connect with its customers and retain them, increase traffic, and make a reliable digital presence.

We are not saying “Trustpilot account is necessary,” but putting the feedback upfront saves you as well as your target audience from the chaotic and stress-full advertising!


Key 12 Advantages of Trustpilot Reviews for Business

1.       You can expect a 17% increase in CTR by showing Trustpilot scoring alongside Google listing because Google Seller Ratings are directly calculated based on the scores from their list of reliable online review sites, including Trustpilot.

2.       The testimonials are compelling marketing material and play a primary role in optimising your ad copy’s influence.

3.       It features advanced notification tools which help in handing out critical information and genuine company reviews based on criteria set by the consumers while searching.

4.       Trust Pilot Reviews, with more than 111 million reviews, is considered a legitimate resource by the customers. If you want your clients to trust and acknowledge your brand’s services and reputation, make an active TrustPilot profile and embed feedbacks on your site to give your customers a clue of what they can expect in terms of quality.

5.       Trustpilot’s Automatic Feedback Service allows you to easily pull together customer reviews. It is a significant advantage for start-up businesses that feel awkward asking for reviews.

6.       Can you delete Trustpilot Reviews? Yes, companies can choose which reviews they want to show, setting a minimum rating and deleting the negative ones.

7.       Trustpilot Reviews make it easier for your company to learn and improve the problems faced by the consumers that your team might be unaware of.

8.       You can see a substantial boost in sales by boosting the number of reviews as this platform helps you send an email invite to satisfied customers to leave a comment about their purchases (automated procedure).

9.       You can enjoy significant SEO benefits by mentioning your business on 3rd party website review platforms (Trustpilot) and getting inbound links.

10.   Embedding positive customer feedback from Trustpilot reviews on your site is as effective as thousands-worthy marketing campaign. These reviews are the social proof of your legitimate business.

11.   It guarantees transparency, which is exactly what companies need to build and strengthen trust with new clients.

12.   Trustpilot provides a smart solution to respond to and resolve issues apologetically and responsibly in case of negative reviews. If the customer notices your approach to make it right, he will probably forgive your bad reviews.

Is Trustpilot Worth It? 

Is Trustpilot good for marketing? Trustpilot Reviews are an efficient way to expand your business by turning your feedback into a marketing tool and manifest online existence. It helps you find loopholes in your business and make necessary changes for the better.

The use of progressive algorithms for fraud detection and strict actions against offenders has made Trustpilot a dependable platform.

Make a Lasting Impression with Trustpilot Reviews!

Whether you are looking to create a Trustpilot profile or increase online Trustpilot reviews for your company, Winnors can help. We provide you with the reliable resource with the knowledge and expertise to reach out to your customers organically and boost online reviews.

If you want to make your digital presence noticeable, get in touch with our expert support team by calling us at +443300272505, booking a meeting via Calendly, or emailing us at

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