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Key Tasks a Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant Can Perform

Is there any business that doesn’t ever need help to increase their online followers, enhance the quality of interaction, mark their digital presence, and turn visitors into loyal customers?!

From selling digital services to tackling online business, getting the product in front of a broader audience to gaining loyal buyers, increasing business efficiency to improving project management – an experienced and skilful virtual digital marketing assistant can solve all your issues. They help you expand outreach by reviewing marketing strategies and various SEO, SEM, email marketing, and content management tasks to ensure continuous growth. Benefits of having a virtual assistant can be endless.

Digital marketing VAs promote your business better by advertising your company on a greater magnitude. Most importantly, it lets you focus on other business-critical tasks than marketing your brand.

How Can Virtual Digital Marketing Assistants Elevate Your Business Value?

Why hire a virtual assistant for digital marketing? How do virtual assistant work for digital marketing agencies? What can be the benefit of having virtual assistance for marketing campaigns?

Hiring a dedicated, creative, and talented digital marketing VA will give your digital marketing department an entirely different direction. Digital marketing-savvy virtual assistants can help you with the following tasks particularly (depending on their expertise, experience, and knowledge).

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Good digital marketing virtual assistants with expertise in SEM will help you with the following:

  • Boost your ad campaign and optimise ad copy by understanding the behaviour/demands of potential customers.
  • Highlight target audiences for big-scale advertising.
  • Reform existing online marketing tactics to achieve efficiency.
  • Run attractive ads with the best-picked keywords to push and advertise better on all social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram).
  • Keep a close check on the marketing budget.
  • Understand the ideal content to be used for paid ads.
  • Retarget leads (lead generation) with the smart use of Facebook ads or PPC campaigns.
  • Produce detailed reports on the progress of running ads and current market trends.

SEM virtual assistants keep themselves aware of the highest bidding keywords to avoid wasting your money. With the proper use of their knowledge and years of experience, they make each paid marketing campaign a big success. They propose new possibilities for optimising online reach and will get you the most bang for your buck!

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Do you lack the budget to hire a digital marketing virtual assistant for SEM? You have an excellent option to invest in SEO.

Hiring a digital marketing virtual personal assistant with expertise in SEO will help you with a variety of marketing tasks.

  • Conducting top-tier keyword research.
  • Placing the preferred keywords strategically throughout the content.
  • Improving organic traffic to the site to take it to higher google rankings.
  • Handling SEO marketing by implementing knowledge of keywords.
  • Constantly updating content to keep it aligned with google algorithms.
  • Identifying SEO trends.

Your virtual personal assistant plays an essential role in guaranteeing that your website is never getting penalized.

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Email Marketing

You can trust email marketing to make reliable connections and stay in touch with a loyal client base. If properly done, it can be your magic wand to make your regular users aware of upcoming offers and seasonal promotions or announce new launches. You need a capable digital marketing VA to make the most of your email marketing campaigns.

What does a virtual assistant do? The chores included in digital marketing virtual personal assistant services are:

  • Crafting highly targeted, tempting emails with entertaining CTAs.
  • Ensuring customers are redirected to the desired product pages.
  • Using carefully-phrased and engaging content related to the brand.
  • Designing and creating attractive newsletters. 
  • Tracking email verification.
  • Informing customers about new developments, products or services, and discounts.
  • Building email sequences.
  • Updating email lists to prioritise important work.

Email marketing virtual assistants will be responsible for tracking the company’s progress through emails as recently; email marketing has been declared the source of earning the most ROI. It is easier to accomplish professional email marketing deliverability with expert digital marketing VA.

Social Media Management & Marketing

Using social media appropriately can double your income, especially for e-commerce companies. Instagram shops and Facebook Marketplace are the proven platforms for making a dynamic online presence. 

The problem is each platform functions differently and demands diverse strategic approaches for customer engagement and converting views into sales. Only a skilled virtual marketing assistant can help you achieve the target of ‘massive reach’ by cracking algorithms and making the content accordingly. He will be in authority of performing the following tasks:

  • Make sure to publish only high-quality and appealing content on LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., to boost the effects of marketing campaigns.
  • Updating social media pages regularly for an interactive presence.
  • Bringing new ideas about having proper community engagement.
  • Look out for the latest hashtags and market trends.
  • Reading and responding to public comments on social media channels.

VAs are responsible for attuning your accounts and penning down result-driven social media market strategy. They guide you on how to use social media as a marketing tool.

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Content Management & Distribution

It might get repetitive but let’s say it one more time – ‘Content is king.’ But, making sure that content is up to date, entertaining, fun-to-read, brand-focused, and posted with good designs and infographics in an eye-catchy template sounds time-consuming, and it really is. Besides, managing all types of content, including blogs, product descriptions, videos, podcasts, etc., can be tiresome.

That is why you need virtual assistant digital marketing who not only searches for your content but promises to bring more audience. The digital marketing virtual assistant jobs include:

  • Managing and guiding a team of competent writers.
  • Maintaining an editorial calendar to keep every project streamlined.
  • Analysing Google analytics data.
  • Taking care of the content used for ad copies.
  • Proving the brand’s credibility on various social platforms.
  • Check if blog posts, explainer videos, e-books, social media posts, infographics, and other content meet the criteria.
  • Improving Google ranking via search engine optimisation.
  • Using the right keywords in content marketing campaigns.
  • Ensuring the content is solely written to engage visitors.

From writing valuable content to finding the ideal channels for its distribution, luring new audiences to boosting inbound marketing – VAs with content writing and copywriting skills can maximise conversions.

Hire Virtual Assistant with Winnors

Who needs a virtual assistant? Nearly every small business and even well-established companies.

Whether you need to hire a virtual assistant for digital marketing, back-office, or admin tasks, Winnors Remote Professionals can be your smart remote staffing partner. We help you hire an expert full-time remote VAs with the right knowledge, skills, and experience suitable for your project scope letting you build the dream team you need to achieve more.

Remote virtual assistants can offer quality service over multiple platforms to build brand credibility and even deliver urgent projects ranging from digital marketing to administrative assistance.

Get in touch with us at our official WhatsApp contact number +447842564255, or email your enquiries at, and your queries will be directed to the right person. We are open to calls. Ring us on 03300272505.

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